IoT, drone boom, 3D-printing – the first topics for Hypermotion
in November have already been set!
At the multimodal innovation platform Hypermotion from 10 to 12 November
2020, high-calibre speakers will venture a look into the future and illuminate
the latest mobility and logistics concepts. Establishing networks amongst
trade fair and conference participants is the focal point of this event, which
is taking place both live in Frankfurt with an extensive protection and
hygiene concept and digitally with new features (live streaming,
matchmaking, chats and much else besides)

The Hypermotion Lab, which serves as the central stage for newcomers, experts and
innovative thinkers, will be the venue for the discussion of disruptive concepts at the
interface of mobility and logistics. Here, everything revolves around revolutionary ideas,
projects and innovative technologies with the potential to revolutionise our mobility and
transport. In addition to the Logistics Digital Conference and the VISION mobility THINK
TANK, the Hypermotion Lab will play host to three fascinating panel discussions in which
experts explore such topics as the use of satellite systems, innovative drone technologies
and the utilisation of new technologies in the production of goods. It will be possible to find
out more about these topics in advance in the Hypermotion podcast.
1.2 I Messe Frankfurt Exhibition / Pietro Sutera

The future of space infrastructure
The internet of things is heading to space. How can the IoT be used to ensure smooth
data communication and connectivity amongst all technical devices? Will space travel be
possible for everyone in the near future? What new business models might become viable
as a result? As part of a captivating panel discussion, the deployment of satellite systems
and pioneering technologies in near-Earth orbit will be addressed by the following experts:
Robert Boehme (CEO & Founder of PTS), Thomas Grübler (CEO & Co-Founder of
OroraTech), Thomas Jarzombek (MP, Federal Government Coordinator of German
Aerospace Policy, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy), Sebastian Straube
(Founder of Exponential Space), Johann Dietrich Wörner (Director General at the
European Space Agency ESA) and Dr. Franziska Zeitler (Head of Department at the
German Aerospace Center DLR).

3D printing in urban logistics
Might the dream of printing your own car soon become reality? Thanks to additive
technologies, it is already possible to offer products in a variety of versions and
manufacture special editions quickly. On-demand models allow companies to save large
sums on storage and make it possible to produce items individually as required.
Opportunities and challenges will be discussed with the following experts: Stefanie
Brickwede (Managing Director of Mobility goes Additive e.V.), Gerd Funk (CEO of
Print2Taste GmbH), Prof. Dr. Ingomar Kelbassa (CEO of WEISS Spindeltechnologie
GmbH, A Siemens Company), Erik Wirsing (Vice President of Global Innovation at
Schenker AG) and Larissa Zeichhardt (Managing Director of LAT Funkanlagen-Service

Innovative drone technologies
How can air space be used now and in future for new mobility and logistics concepts? Be
it as delivery drones, air taxis or practical data collection tools, the use of drones in
industry and transport will continue to grow. They can be used for a wide range of
purposes and represent a low-emission alternative to other aircraft for transporting goods.
The subject of drone boom will be further examined by the following experts: Dr.
Sebastian Clauß (Head of the Drone Task Force for the Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation
Hub), Corvin Huber (CEO & CTO of D3 Technologies), Sabrina John (Managing Director
of GLVI Gesellschaft für Luftverkehrsinformatik mbH), Frank Wernicke (Founder & CEO of
Dronemasters) and Tom Plümmer (CEO & Co-Founder of Wingcopter).

Increasing urbanisation demands new connectivity and mobility concepts. These will
include multiple forms of mobility, eliminating the conventional boundaries between local
public transport, logistics and purely private vehicles. In 2020, the HUSS-VERLAG’s
VISION mobility THINK TANK is focusing on the topic of ‘Alternative mobility in cities’.
Here, experts will be explaining and discussing new ideas and approaches in the fields of
mobility, connectivity and infrastructure. The focus is on electromobility and smart
charging and load management. Furthermore, the event will also take a look at the startup scene, because new ideas and business models are needed now more than ever
following the coronavirus crisis and lockdown.

Logistics Digital Conference
The LDC! highlights new approaches and benchmarks for making digital logistics faster,
safer, more reliable, more transparent and more sustainable. It will be addressing the
topics of climate protection, preventing air pollution, the returns problem, and goods
deliveries over the final mile. Experts will be talking about the new concepts on offer for
goods transport over distances both short and long. How can city logistics be made
efficient? What is the best way for retailers and service providers to deal with returns in ecommerce logistics? And does the use of electric cargo bikes and hydrogen-powered
trucks offer a solution for sustainable goods transport? The LDC! is being organised and
moderated by the LOGISTIK HEUTE, LOGISTRA and Transport trade journals published
by Munich-based HUSS-VERLAG.

Next Hypermotion will take place from 10 to 12 November 2020

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